How to Select the Right 1031 Exchange Advisor

How to Select the Right 1031 Exchange Company

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email IRC Section 1031 is undeniably one of the most generous sections of the tax code; however, the IRS rules and timing requirements to complete a tax deferred 1031 Exchange are stringent. Navigating the 1031 process can be complex and a misstep can result in either a failed Exchange or the purchase […]

The Impact of COVID-19 to Seattle’s Real Estate Market

COVID-19 Seattle Real Estate

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Remember, it’s the punch you Do Not see coming that knocks you out… It is no secret that in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound, real estate has been a major success story over the past 10 years. With near continuous appreciation throughout the last decade, it has felt as though […]

Utilizing Delaware Statutory Trusts in Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Investment Property

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Investment property owners have many considerations when estate planning. As time passes and new chapters of life begin, investment real estate owner’s financial and lifestyle objectives change. We often work with owners who no longer want to spend time managing tenants, addressing new regulatory issues and paying for large capital projects […]

Know Your Investment Property Objectives for 2022

Know Your Investment Property Objectives for 2020 (1)

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email With the new year comes both new challenges and new opportunities for your investment properties. The one thing we know for sure is that nothing ever stays the same. While we never know what the new year will bring, we do know it will be different from the last. Over the […]