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Not Reaching Your Goals?
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Find 1031 Exchange Properties
that Meet Your Financial & Lifestyle Goals

A 1031 Exchange is undeniably one of the most generous sections of the tax code and can be used in many ways, however 1031 Exchange rules are very strict and must be followed in order to qualify for tax deferral. That is why it’s important to work with highly respected 1031 Exchange companies that can help you navigate the complex process of understanding, vetting, and acquiring 1031 Exchange properties.

With over 20 years’ experience working with 1031 Exchanges, complex real estate investments, securitized real estate, and tax planning strategies, Real Estate Transition Solutions is one of few fully integrated 1031 Exchange companies in the Pacific Northwest. Our team of dedicated Exchange professionals will help you select and acquire suitable 1031 Exchange properties that meet both your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Why Consider a 1031 Exchange?

  • Defer Capital Gains Tax
  • Enhance Potential Cash flow
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Diversification
  • Passive Management