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  • * Defined by SEC as an individual with net worth (excluding primary residence) of $1,000,000+ or annual income in excess of $200,000 for last two years for an individual or $300,000 for a couple filing jointly.

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Real estate investors have been utilizing 1031 Exchanges, also known as “like kind exchanges”, for nearly 100 years. Why? Because 1031 Exchanges present an opportunity to defer federal capital gains tax, state capital gains tax, net investment income tax and depreciation recapture. With a 1031 Exchange, real estate investors can reposition real estate while preserving their entire investment.

Understanding how 1031 Exchange replacement properties work is crucial to performing a successful strategic Exchange. There are many 1031 Exchange options, but each property type has its respective strengths and weaknesses – we work to help investment real estate owners understand what properties can be selected and combined to address their own unique objectives.

To learn more about 1031 Exchange basics and best practices, 1031 Exchange rules, and what 1031 Exchange options are available, download our FREE guide, “Understanding 1031 Exchanges”.

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1031 Exchanges

  • 1031 Exchange basics
  • How 1031 Exchanges work
  • Benefits vs. risks
  • 1031 Exchange rules
  • 1031 Exchange options