How a 721 Exchange (UpREIT) Works

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A 721 Exchange (UpREIT), when combined with a DST, offers additional diversification, simplicity, and liquidity for real estate investors and estate planners.

Amazon Unlocks the Potential of Passive Real Estate Investing

Amazon Fulfillment

It is called the Amazon Effect—and you’ve probably heard a lot about it. The ecommerce giant has reshaped, well, nearly everything, from the way that consumers think about shopping and accessing goods to the global supply chain. For institutional investors, the Amazon Effect has squarely placed industrial properties as the darling of the commercial real estate market, and Amazon tenants are among the most coveted.

Diversification Among Delaware Statutory Trust Property Types

DST Property Types

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Investment property owners generally own one property type, in one geographic area. The reasoning behind this approach is understandable – owners develop a proficiency acquiring and managing a particular property type, such as residential rentals or multi-family properties, and […]