Personal Use of 1031 Replacement Property

Personal Use of 1031 Replacement Property

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Is it okay to use replacement property for personal use? “Can I exchange into a property and use it for personal use?” We frequently field this question from investment property owners, especially those who have owned investment real estate for years and are exploring ways to reap the benefits of their […]

Is COVID-19 Putting Your 1031 Exchange at Risk?

1031 Exchange deadline extension for COVID-19

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Don’t let uncertainty in the market mean uncertainty for your Exchange. Given the impacts of Covid-19 and the required shelter-in-place orders, investment property owners pursuing a 1031 Exchange Fee-Simple replacement property may have a difficult time closing on their replacement property within the IRS’s strict 180-Day Exchange window. There are also many risks […]

DST Risks, Fees, Rules and Restrictions

DST Risks, Fees, Rules & Restrictions

Investing in a beneficial ownership interest of a Delaware Statutory Trust carries many of the same risks as investing in direct ownership of real estate property. Due to the structure of the DST as a passive ownership entity, a beneficial ownership interest in a DST presents additional consideration that the investor should be aware of.

What is “Exchange Insurance” and How Can it Be Used?

1031 Exchange Insurance

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Real estate investors regularly hear the adage “money is made on the buy” preached by fellow investors, brokers and experts alike. If so, how does it make sense that market conditions can both simultaneously support the sale of a […]